Doughnut and Cruller Maker SFG/ESFG

The doughnut and cruller maker is a dosing machine for the fabrication of various boiling pastries of choux pastry mixture respectively made-up flour or similar pastries of the same consistency.

Filling Appliance

The device is suitable especially for filling different pastries, such as cruller and Berlin jam doughnuts (also possible with similar hosts of the same consistency).

Beating and Stirring Appliance S10

The beating and stirring machine is suitable for beating and stirring of slight hosts, such as white of egg, creme, whipped cream, choux pastry mixture and the like. The machine is not suitable for kneading.

Poppy-Seed Mill

The poppy-seed mull for squeezing or flaking of corn, sesame, flaxseed and similar products of the same size.

Rotary Valve ZRS

The rotary valve is used as a plug- and measuring valve at silo-plants.