Dosing ingredients has never been easier

Rotary valves are perfect dosing and feeding fine-grained and dusty baking ingredients or granules. Our ZRS is made in Dresden, Germany

Your Benefits of Using our ZRS:

  • suitable for the pneumatic hauling of flour with suction- oder pressure-drive
  • used as plug- and measuring valve at silo-plants
  • output dischrge 20 to maximal 75 kg per minute
  • various diametres of the connection-pipe sockets
  • robust construction; maintenance free

Special Design:

  • altered output discharge: upon request, to max. 75 kg/min
  • connection pipe socket: d = external Ø: 45 x 2 and 60,3 x 2mm

Technical Fact Sheet

Standard Design:ZRS 50-20
Output Discharge:20 kg/min (with filling weight 0,55 kg/liter and degree of filling 0,85 )
Cell Rotor:speed: 17 U/min
delivery: 2,5 l/U
steel-casting, plastic coating, crests grinded
Case:aluminium-case, approval for food
Engine:0,25 oder 0,37 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, IP55
with worm gear
Connection-pipe Socket:d = external Ø 50 x 2, 70 mm long, stainless steel
Clamping Collar:external dimensions 254 x 260 mm with 4 drillings, Ø12 mm, distance 220 x 220 mm
Adapter:1 inch with cap
Dimensions:L 550, W 390, H 215/250 mm
Weight:30 kg
Continuous Sound Pressure Level:below 70 dB (A)