Small Machines – All Great

The trained baker Christian White founded in 1967 with his wife a repair shop for bakery equipment. He developed and produced new bakery equipment, such as the cake pan spray device. Over the years he expanded the range of machines offered by him ever further.

Dresden is the motto of the company. Also this year, company owner Karsten Pohle presented all quality conscious bakers, pastry chefs and hotel owners on different shows.

The product range consists of injection molding equipment cake, poppy seed mills, hand operated and electric bread fillers, impact and mixers, and feeders.

Machinery Highlights

The highlight of the machine selection is the cake pan spray device (doughnut maker), which is offered as hand tools and power equipment. The doughnut maker is a metering device for the production of different donuts from fire ground or finished flour or similar masses of the same consistency.

With the help of an extensive range can stamp doughnuts and crullers and mold them directly into the hot oil bath should be discontinued. The device is characterized further by the simple operation and handling.

This advantage also offers robust poppy mills built by WEISSE BACKTECH. The special feature of these devices is to use two hand rolls parent, which are driven at different speeds, which is not the ground poppy seeds but bruised and is easily torn. This process not only ensures a higher yield of the ground material but above all a breezy casual poppy.

The company now supplies retailers throughout Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, the CIS states and even in Japan.