Beating and stirring appliance S10

Beating and stirring appliance
suitable for the production of slight hosts
simple operation and handling
robust construction
little maintenance effort
usage at bakeries, cake shops, cafes, large kitchens, catering trade

The beating and stirring appliance is suitable for beating and stirring of slight hosts, such as white of egg, creme, whipped cream,choux pastry mixture and the like. The machine is not suitable for kneading.

Advantages of working with the machine:
* Good adaptability to the consistency of the hosts to be processed by means of the infinitely variable speed control
* Deflection adjustment during the process
* Simple and quick replacing of the tools and the boiler
* secure standing because of suction feet, also on metal tables
* increased reliability through resilient boiler tensioner/p>

scope of delivery:
1 boiler: 10 litres
1 beating whisk: 12 wires - 2 mm diameter
1 whisk: 4 wires - 4 mm diameter

Special accessories:
Stirring whisk: 8 wires – 3 mm diametre


infinitely variable 290 - 530 rotations per min/span>
deflection adjustment:
during the process up to the boiler wall
boiler volume:
10 litres
boiler and whisks:
stainless steel
0,18 kW, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 1,15 A
overload protection by thermal relais
aluminium - casting, plastic coating,
with suction feet used for vibration insulators


L 580, W 300, H 600 mm
43 kg
EURO - standard socket(5- pin) 400 V, 16 A
Permanent sound pressure level:
below 70 dB (A)
Special equipment with:

* engine 230 V, one-phase, with safety- plug