Table poppy-seed mill TM3

Table poppy-seed mill
Simple operation and handling
Suitable for small throughput quantity
Adjustable shaft
Robust construction
Little maintenance effort
Steel-rollers serrated and tempered

A bucket or a similar vessel is placed under the milling-mechanism to catch the poppy that was filled into the funnel for being milled.
The poppy-seed mill works with two serrated rollers, that are driven with different rotational speeds, which means that the poppy seed is not ground but squeezed and easilyripped.
This process guarentees not only a higher exploitation of the material, but above all a airy, fluffy poppy.
The poppy seed mill is also suitable for squeezing respectively flaking of small grains such as sesame and flaxseed.

Advantages of working with this machine:
* always fresh squeezed poppy-seed
* maximal yield and very high-quality grist
* simple handling and cleaning
* clean working because of resilient strippers
* secure standing beause of suction feet, even on metal tables


Throughput quantity:
to 16 kg/h
7 litres, made of synthetics
5 litres, made of synthetics
Sheathing and feet:
stainless steel
rollers: steel, serrated and surface tempered
rack: aluminium plate, plastic coating
0,25 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz, 2,0 A, IP 55
overload protection by thermostat


L 320, W 350, H 600 mm
clearance height: 230 mm
20 kg
Protective contact- socket 230 V, 10 A
Permanent sound
pressure level:
below 70 dB (A)