"Small machines very large"

is the motto of the Dresden-based company weisse-backtech bakery technology. Once again this year presented company owner Karsten Pohle all quality-conscious bakers, pastry chefs and hoteliers, the self-built machines in the most diverse Fairs.

Our electric Gebäckfüllgerät (Berlinerfüllgerät) which is suitable for filling of pancakes, curd balls and donuts with different light masses, such as jam and cream, is now even more flexible in use. In addition to connecting a hose to the filling gun with pastry filling, which allows filling of the biscuits directly in contact basket, there is now the possibility of using the foot switch and adapter pastries to fill directly on the device.

Small quantities - no problem with our hand pastries fillers GF and GFS. Want the baker to offer its customers variety and sold cakes with various fillings, it can by means of quickly replaceable hopper and our change kit vary the masses and keep crowds used to easily re-use in the refrigerator.

Specialities can do magic with our Poppy mills or poppy squeezing the baker. By processing the poppy after Quetschprinzip the Mohnkorn will not be easy but smashed open, whereby the poppy seed oil is pressed from the inside core in the shell. This poppy reached a uniquely soft and airy quality that particularly comes into its own in the further processing to fillings. We offer not only our powerful poppy mill M95, which grinds up to 120 kg per hour, the table Poppy Mill TM3 for small requirements of up to 16 kg per hour. The M95 is also suitable as a grain mill or flour mill for small grains and sesame or flax seeds.

The highlight of the machine selection is the fat pastries shaper (donut maker), which is offered as a manual and electric equipment. With the help of an extensive range stamp can use it as automatic Thrower shaper, donut ring donut machine, Krapfendosierer or Quarkbällchendosierer. The device is placed directly over the hot oil bath. The former can also be used as an automatic Suppeneinlagendosierer directly above the soup container. The fat or Siedegebäckgerät is distinguished by its ease of use and handling.

They want to be convinced of the quality of the products themselves? Then visit the state of the company white BACKTECH at trade fairs in Germany.