Filling appliance for pastries GF
Hand actuation, with pastries-support

Filling appliance for pastries
Suitable for filling of different pastries, such as cruller, Berlin
jam doughnuts (also possible with similar hosts with the same consistency)
The piece of pastry is filled by moving the hand lever
Infinitely variable filling capacity; exchanging of the filled funnel is possible
Simple operation, handling and cleaning
Absolute tightness at proper usage
Safe mounting, thickness of the table-top up to 50 mm
Casing: aluminium- casting with plastic bush, rodding and piston made of stainless steel
Funnel of synthetics with locking-lever


number of strokes:
about 25 to 35 per min


temperature-functional range:


7 litres
between - 40 and + 65 °C
filling capacity:
to 15 g per stroke


L 400, W 350, H 550 mm;
2,4 kg